Rapid Antigen Screening for COVID-19 is now available at Glen Cade Pharmacy


OPTION 1 – Cost $40 (Results in 15 mins)

OPTION 2 – Lab Verified Antigen Test – Cost $60 (Results same day)


Who can get screened?

Screening is available to anyone who meets the asymptomatic criteria. In order to be screened at Glen Cade pharmacy you must:

  • Be asymptomatic (you have no symptoms of COVID-19)
  •  Have not been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • Have not travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days
  • Have not been advised to get tested for COVID-19 through an exposure notification through the COVID-19 app
  • Have not previously tested positive for COVID-19

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, new onset of cough, worsening chronic cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell, chills, headaches, unexplained fatigue/malaise/muscle aches (myalgias), nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pink eye (conjunctivitis), runny nose or nasal congestion without other known cause please contact an assessment centre for testing and/or seek medical attention.

What is Rapid Antigen Screening?

  • Screening is faster: Results from antigen screens are ready in 15-20 minutes, and don’t need to be sent to a lab. Screening can be done in the pharmacy.
  • A preliminary positive screen needs a follow-up test: If you get a preliminary positive result from the rapid COVID-19 antigen screening, it does not confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19. To confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19, you must contact Public Health and attend a COVID-19 Assessment Center to follow up with a COVID-19 test – called a Polymerase Chain Reaction (or PCR) test – to confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19. This test is sent to a lab, and results are available within a few days.